Boudoir Party

A Sexy Fun Girls-Day-Out

Design Your Boudoir Experience

Whether it is a birthday party, bachelorette party or just a unique get-together with the girls, a Boudoir Party is the perfect way to have some sexy fun with your squad!

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Package Includes:

  • 15 Min. Wardrobe Styling Consultation
  • 2 Outfit Changes Per Guest + Access To Our Studio's Wardrobe
  • Full Hair Styling + Make-Up
  • Local Wine + Snacks, provided during your session
  • 5 Hour Photography Session (Estimated 1hr per guest)
  • Fully Edited and Retouched Images for the whole squad
  • 1 Video of Your Boudoir Party Experience
  • 1 Personalized Mobile App Gallery, with built-in print shop ordering!
  • 1 Hour In-Person Portrait Reveal Session, where we will also show you how to use your mobile app and built-in print shop!

Included in this package for studio boudoir parties only-

  • 2 Appetizers from the OCC restaurant of your choice.

NOTE: Details vary for Boudoir Parties, please request a consultation to finalize your party's package.

The pricing for this package allots for up to 5 guests pre party, if you would like to add guests please mention this during your consultation for additional pricing on extra guests.

See Boudoir By Elise's Investment Pricing for Deluxe Boudoir Photography Sessions Below

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Sexy Woman Standing Side-Ways To The Camera Holding A Bird Cage Delicately in Black and White
Black and White Photography of A Sexy Woman Wearing Pearls Naked Laying On The Floor
Sexy Woman Laying On the Ground Showing Off Her Nice Peach Wearing Red High Heels
Sexy Nude Woman Laying On The Floor Holding Breasts and Arching Her Back While Covered In Pearls
Sexy Woman Sitting On A Chaise Lounge While Wearing Lingerie
Curvy Woman Naked Against A Wall Holding A Blanket
Nude Bridal Portrait of Naked Woman Against A Brick Wall While Wearing Pearls and A White Thigh Garter
Sexy Woman Looking Happy and Confident During Her Boudoir Photography Session
Black and White Sensual Woman Holds Pearl Necklace In Her Teeth
Naked Woman Holding Breasts While Sitting On A Chaise Lounge Chair and Looking Sexy
High Heels Focused with Background Shot of A Nice Peach
Red High Heels Color Pop Over Black and White Creative Photography
Sexy High Heels With Pearls Wrapped Around Her Ankles
Beautiful Woman Covered in Pearls Glamour Photography Session Boudoir By Elise
Woman in the Nude Sits On the Floor Clutching Thin Sheets To Cover Her Naked Body
Boudoir By Elise Website Gold Glitter Banner for a Colorado Springs Photographer
Boudoir By Elise Website Gold Glitter Banner for a Colorado Springs Photographer

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