Did you know...

You can add Blue Butterflies to you Boudoir Photo Shoot with us?

Whether you are centering your photo shoot around the butterflies and making it a themed shoot, or if you just want to add them as a fun addition to one of the sets, we provide a mix of physical faux butterflies and photoshopped in butterflies to produce this magical look.

Want to book a Butterfly Photo Shoot or add Blue Butterflies to your photo shoot with us?

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Creative Boudoir Photography in Colorado Springs, woman on bed opening Butterfly cage

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Woman opening a white cage filled with Blue Butterflies during Boudoir Photo Shoot in Colorado Springs
Boudoir Photo Shoot in Colorado Springs, Woman with Blue Butterfly on her finger with butterflies flying around
Colorado Springs Boudoir Photo Shoot with Blue Butterflies, butterfly sitting on woman's butt cheek
Woman laying on a bed with butterflies flying around and one butterfly on her butt cheek during Boudoir Photo Shoot
During Boudoir Photo Session in Colorado Springs, woman lying on a bed while butterflies float around
Woman lying on white bed sheets holding her finger with a blue butterfly on it up to her lips
Blue eyed beauty holding her finger to her lips while covered in Blue Butterflies during Colorado Springs Boudoir Shoot
Beautiful woman laughing while covered in flying Butterflies during Boudoir Photo Shoot in Colorado Springs