One of the first things a woman starts thinking about when booking a boudoir session, and definitely one of the most common things I get asked after a client books with me…

“...what should I wear?!”

I answered this pretty well in my guide blog “What to wear for your Boudoir Photo Shoot”.


But in the end, that guide is more of a summary and doesn't go into depth, so, I decided to write a series to help you pick items that would be more curated for your individual needs, body type, and style.

First off, don’t stress over what to bring too much because frankly confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, your perfect outfit will ALWAYS be the one that makes you feel your sexiest because it is giving you the most confidence. Every client has their own style and taste, so it can be hard to give more defined suggestions on what to wear, but everybody’s first thought on the subject always starts with the same thing…


Some ladies have lingerie hidden in the back of their underwear drawer but haven’t worn it in ‘forever’, some just have the practical stuff and don’t buy lingerie, and then there are the very few who have it AND wear it on the regular (we all know where we fall on that spectrum, ladies); so, here is my first piece of advice-

Just go get some more!

Boudoir By Elise- what to wear to boudoir photo shoot, Red lace bra lying on white bed sheets.
  • The ladies who are stashing hot g-strings they bought 12 years ago, when was the last time you tried them on? I know I don’t fit ANYthing I have in the back of my drawers (that’s why they are in the back). So, go try them on… I’ll wait… Now that you have them on… do you immediately feel super sexy in the set you have on? If not, then you should go find something that you feel confident in! Not something you are unsure of!
  • The ladies who don’t have any… you already know what your problem is- you don’t have any lingerie lol.
  • The ladies who buy it all the time… you only get 3-5 outfit choices during the shoot, so, calm down with the choices hahah.

But all jokes aside, a Boudoir Photography Session is the PERFECT excuse to go shoooooppiiiiing!!!

Whatever you decide to go with, here is my biggest tip that I give my clients- Focus on "Leading Lines!"

Choose items with leading lines that lead in the right directions, cuts that give your body the best visual proportions to flatter your figure.


  • I highly suggest just getting the basic bra straps that go straight front to back, because I tend to do a lot of positions where I pull a strap off your shoulder and this is usually restricted with most other strap types (like, a T-back, halter, etc.). Otherwise, cross back straps work fine but the ones with the ‘T’ in the back are restricting. If you are going with a halter top, go with the classic 50’s style that goes from your armpits to the back of your neck. This strap cut makes your shoulders look smaller while making your chest look more shapely; however, avoid the kind that starts on top of your breasts and that goes straight up to the front of your neck as this will do the opposite- make your shoulders look bigger and your chest less shapely. See what I mean?
Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs- What to wear, Blonde woman clutching her neck & pulling bra strap off

Top Cut:

  • Go with something that would follow the shape of your breasts, like a heart neckline or v-neck, but I would stay away from items that cut straight across your chest and cut into your armpits, these will make your torso look very square and not shapely.
Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography - Woman in black teddy lying against a mirror with candles all around


  • Mid-Section: Try to go for lines that narrow in where it would follow your natural hourglass figure, to accentuate it. This is why I love Teddys/One-Pieces, as most of the styles for these types of lingerie have those mid-section lines leading in the right directions.
Boudoir Photography in Colorado Springs - Woman in Black teddy & heels standing against a wall looking sensually

Leg/Hip Arch Line:

  • When it comes to how high up the arch should go on the sides of your hips, think “80’s swimsuits”. The higher the arch, the more the arch will follow your natural hip rise line, making your hips and butt appear more shapely and also make your waistline look narrower. Again, the opposite is true for low rise panties.
Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer - Close up of tattooed woman's butt as she leans against a greenery wall

Panty Line:

  • When it comes to the pantyline, I think it is best to go with items that meet at your waist so your lower stomach doesn’t feel like it is going to be a focus point. Frankly this is the #1 thing that I hear women say they feel self conscious about when we do as many funky poses as we do, I think it becomes a challenge to not be constantly thinking about your lower stomach poking out and fixing the tops of your panty lines. High-waisted panty lines and garter belts help accentuate your hourglass figure and keep the focus where you actually want it to be.
Boudoir Photographer in Colorado Springs- Curvy woman in pink lingerie & pearls lying on the ground in a pin-up position

To help with making sure what you are shopping for fits your style, your theme, and your body type,

I have put together this series of styling blogs to help guide you.

Let’s start with your body type!

NEXT BLOG- Wardrobe Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot, Part 2: Dressing & Shopping by Body Type - COMING SOON!!!