So you’ve heard that we give our client’s mobile app galleries, eh?

They are sooooo cool! Not to get geeky on you, but this is DEFINITELY one of my favorite products to offer my clients, so, I decided to make it free with every client album collection!

We give you your very own mobile app gallery to enjoy your boudoir photos, right on your phone!

“But how does it work?”

At your ordering session, once you have made your image selection and your album collection has been ordered, I highlight your chosen images in your online gallery and create a mobile app from those.


About your gallery mobile app - easily install it on your phone, access your pics, & make it easy to share them

But let's not jump ahead of ourselves...

After it is finished loading, you will get to personalize your app!

You get to choose the image that will be the app icon (that appears on your phone) and the image that goes on the cover when you enter the app.

Choose the image that will appear on the icon for your mobile app

Next, you choose the design for your cover from 4 available options-

Choose from four design options for your mobile app cover, this will show when you open the app

Then decide if you want the light gallery theme or the dark gallery theme-

Choose between a light or dark theme for your mobile app!

You even get to decide if you want to make the featured images vertical or horizontal!

Choose if you would like to feature the vertical images or the horizontal images in your mobile app!


Your app is now ready!!!

YAY!!! what?

Next, I will send you an email with the link to install your app!

Easily install your mobile app gallery on your phone by following the directions in the install email


Now that your mobile app gallery has been successfully created and installed on your phone, you are able to simply enjoy <3

A mobile app is not only amazing to have for yourself, but it makes a great modern present that your lover can take with them! It is especially perfect for military spouses. When your significant other is traveling over seas, carrying a physical print is just sometimes not an option.

That's where the mobile app comes in!


There are terms for using the mobile app, review them here

Want to read the full term and conditions for using the mobile app gallery?