There are TONS of reasons to invest in a boudoir photography session, but we have put together our top 23 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Shoot-

1) Because you are WORTH IT!

First and foremost, women tend to beat themselves up mentally… Too often do we listen to that little voice in the back of our head that just keeps whispering "you're not good enough". Whether we are actually comparing ourselves to other women or we're just looking in the mirror and feeling badly about what we see, I've never met a woman who didn't feel self-conscious about themselves in some way.

Being self-conscious isn't necessarily a bad thing, it IS nature's way of making sure we take care of ourselves; like being self-conscious about the fact your breath might stink, this pushes you into remembering to brush your teeth daily. The problem is- we tend to let our self-consciousness take control and it feels paralyzing; which can lead to depression and ultimately making us mentally ‘check out’. Because of this, we end up taking care of ourselves even less!


It's a silly cycle of life, but it's a fact every woman knows and every woman constantly faces every day. At some point, you need a reminder- you ARE worth it!

2) To gain a new perspective on yourself

Over time, we build a mental picture of ourselves based on the flaws that we see everyday; things that only we really see. The more flaws that you notice, the worse your mental image of yourself becomes (it’s like everyone sees Dorian Gray, but all you see when you look at yourself is the painting of Dorian Gray - You are seeing a BIG difference). A boudoir session can help you gain a new perspective on yourself, to see yourself in a whole new light; We replace that horrible mental image of yourself with the image of that truly beautiful version of yourself; those gorgeous flaws and all.

3) To try something new and daring

Sometimes when we feel constantly self-conscious we want to stay in our safe little bubble and never come out... But no one ever achieved their dreams or went anywhere in life from inside their comfort zone. Doing something exciting and new can be amazing for your soul. We all know that terrifying feeling, being unsure... A boudoir session can help you grow as a person, to try something daring, while in a safe space among our all-female staff.

4) To empower yourself and get a boost of self confidence

The perception you have of yourself can affect everything in your life, but there is a point where you have to choose to take back control. Enjoying a girl's day of pampering, wine, and seeing how incredibly sexy, it really is such a great boost to your self-esteem and helps you build confidence. There is strangely something very empowering about walking around in nothing but heels and lingerie ;]

5) Celebrate your beautiful body

  • To celebrate yourself just the way you are - we slowly lose sight of the beauty we hold everyday, we forget that our bodies are miracles; it’s time to celebrate your beautiful body in all it’s amazing glory!
  • To celebrate your age - whether you are celebrating your fleeting youth while you have it or if you are embracing your aging body, you should celebrate your age because every stage of your life is a part of your amazing life journey.
  • You are having a baby - Being pregnant is such a short period of time that we forget to enjoy it! Often women only can see themselves (to be blunt) as a “blubbery whale”. A boudoir session is the perfect time to commemorate this short but special period between you and you baby that you will never get back. You are growing life! Do a boudoir session to remind yourself that you are a goddess while bringing life into this world!

  • You just had a baby - After you finish bringing that little bundle of joy into the world, often what follows is a period of self-loathing- We look at ourselves in the mirror and start missing our former bodies. The one I hear the most is when women try looking for an outfit! You go through your closet and just can't seem to find anything that doesn't make you feel... Weird. Have you seen Bones? Even the gorgeous women on that TV show expressed that they felt this way after they gave birth! This is the time to help yourself to feel like yourself again! A boudoir session after having your baby can help you feel like you're taking your body back.
  • To have commemorate with your new body alterations - There are MANY body alterations you can celebrate: Your new tattoo/piercing, your new haircut, your hair finally grew out and you want to show off your gorgeous locks, maybe you just went through a major surgery and want to feel confidence about your scars.

No matter what about your body you are celebrating, you should celebrate YOUR body!


6) Honor your life journey

Every person has a story, whether good or bad, it has formed the person we are today. We should all honor our individual journeys and the things we’ve been through; A boudoir session can help you tell your story.

7) Celebrating your milestones

From buying your first home to personal achievements, we have tons of milestones throughout our lives to commemorate, but when was the last time YOU did?! Let’s throw you a boudoir session to celebrate!

8) Preserve this moment to last a lifetime

Every woman, as they age, love to look back on old pictures of themselves, but not many women actually have that many photos of themselves (that are not poorly lit bathroom selfie lol) and even if you do, not many are high quality photographs. You should properly preserve this moment of your life so that way in 20, 30, or even 50 years from now, you can look back at your boudoir portraits to remember this beautiful moment, so your memories can last a lifetime.

9) You are building your portfolio

Perhaps you are a singer, performer, model, or other type of entertainer that needs to build your portfolio - having a boudoir session is the perfect way to build a portfolio for that upcoming casting call.

Curvy Woman Naked Against A Wall Holding A Blanket

10) You are getting married

  • During that planning stage of your wedding, in the back of your mind, you think "I just can't wait to get in that dress!" You start working out a lot, maybe you hired a trainer, maybe you bought a cute set of wedding lingerie that you can't wait to show your honey on the wedding night - whatever part you are most excited about, you should definitely do a boudoir session to commemorate all the work you have been doing, both on your body and for the wedding itself, by having a fun girl’s day with us!
  • The second reason to do a boudoir session before your wedding is to give a hot gift to your fiancé! We've seen it time and time again, no matter how much you both love each other... the nerves and doubts begin to creep in around your wedding day. When The love of your life starts to feel those cold feet, this gift will give them a sexy little reminder that at the end of this stressful day, you two can finally be alone together *wink wink*.

11) It’s your anniversary

Whether you've been dating a few years or you're a few years into your marriage, you should always remember to celebrate your anniversary! And a boudoir album can be the perfect way to tell the love of your life that "you are still the one".

12) You just got a divorce

After finally getting away from the relationship that just didn't work out, you feel free! You should celebrate that freedom! Weather for yourself or for your new dating profile, bring out those heels that have been stuffed in the back of your closet and let's take some new pics!

13) You need an excuse to put on that set of lingerie you haven’t even worn yet

We all have that set of lingerie sitting in the back of our underwear drawer that we just never find an excuse to finally wear - a Boudoir session is that PERFECT excuse! Grab those straps and lace and let's shoot!

14) The perfect excuse to go shopping

Uh-oh! You tried on that set of lingerie and it turns out it doesn't fit (yikes!)

Whether it did at one point or it never really did, doesn't matter! Having a boudoir session is also the perfect excuse to go shopping for some new duds! Who DOESN'T love shopping?!

15) Create amazing works of art -

Let’s explore your creative side by finding a new way to express yourself. Everyone loves creating art but not everyone is actually good at creating art. However we all have an artistic vision that we wish we could bring to life; Boudoir By Elise helps you get creative! We create unique works of art from your likeness that are worthy of the cover of a magazine. Do you have a creative photography idea that you want to bring to life? Let's do it!

Black and White Photography of A Sexy Woman Wearing Pearls Naked Laying On The Floor

16) To have high-quality photos of yourself

In a world where everybody wants to post things to social media, let me ask you... do you ACTUALLY have any portraits of yourself on your REAL wall? Or even an album to physically hold? When was the last time you had professionally done, high-quality photographs taken? As nice as pictures look on your cell phone camera, if you actually tried to make a large print from these images, you would find they look subpar- blurry, pixelated, and high in color luminance (which means there are a lot of pixels that are random colors popping up throughout the image). The truth is, that ONE favorite picture of yourself that you have is still only available for you to see on social media and it is only available at the mercy of that social platform.

  • Have you taken a look at your old Myspace page yet?! Most of the pictures are either lost to time (broken) or have been downgraded to a very low pixel count (low quality) during the moving process by the new owners.
  • Have you looked at your old pics on FB? Even THOSE have been downgraded!
  • Have you looked at the pixel count for images posted to Instagram? I hate to break it to you, but IG automatically downgrades ALL your images from being high-quality (around 4000px by 2667px) to a VERY low quality (1080px by 1080px) so it is optimized for mobile use. No matter how greatly you LOVE that one pic of yourself with that IG filter, that pic will only be able to live on IG; you will never be able to print a decent copy of it. Eventually, someday, your IG photos will be lost to time just like your pics on Myspace.

The fact is - When you invest in high-quality professional images you are investing in high-quality works of art, not just a quick snap for IG, that will last forever.

17) Doing something just for you

When was the last time you did something for yourself? A day of pampering and being treated like a supermodel is just the treat you need! Our beauty team will do your hair, makeup, and even nails so you feel like the fierce queen that you really are!

18) Because it’s your birthday

You should do a photography session around your birthday to celebrate every single year! So slip on that birthday suit of yours and let's do a boudoir session!

19) Because your lover’s birthday is coming up

When that someone special's birthday is coming up, why not give them more than just that super special birthday sex by giving them a sexy momento that they can admire more than just that one day of the year?

20) Because a holiday is coming up

Whether it’s Valentine's day, Father's day, Mother's day, Christmas, or one of the many other holidays we celebrate, a boudoir session can make the perfect saucy surprise gift for your significant other.

21) To spicy things up with your lover

Whether you want to give them some sexy portraits of yourself to titillate them or do a couple's boudoir session with them, a boudoir session is the perfect way of bringing a little sexy back into your relationship!

22) As a sexy date

Haven’t heard of a couple’s boudoir session before?! WHAAAAAT?! It’s sooo hot! Couple’s sessions can help a couple bond and have something to enjoy that you both did together. Plus, having your significant other doing the session with you can really help with those nerves and make you feel more comfortable during the session.

23) Just for fun!

A boudoir session is not just empowering, it is also a super fun way to express your unique individuality! You are a strong, beautiful, and independent woman, but as women, we get so distracted by all of our responsibilities and taking care of others that we forget to treat ourselves to something special. Having a girl's day in our boudoir studio is an awesome way to just have some fun and get out of the house!

So what are you waiting for?

You've got plenty of excuses now ;]

Thanks for reading!

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