So, what IS Boudoir Photography, really?

It's a lesson in self-acceptance to help you embrace your beautiful quirks that make you, YOU. Boudoir photography is a shameless celebration of every curve on your unique body; by showing us how to break free of the limitations that society tries to bind us to everyday- promoting a positive body image. One of my favorite things about Boudoir photography, is how it helps you learn to love and express yourself, just as you are.

As a photographer who has photographed all shapes and sizes, I can tell you, first hand, there is definitely no "correct" body type for boudoir- boudoir photography is a #bodypositivity movement!

I have found that, through boudoir, I am not alone... every woman sees these little flaws in themselves that no one else but them would ever notice, and, over time, these pile on to become a list we have started collecting. As we grow older, our little list grows too; after a while, we genuinely become incapable of believing someone when they tell us how beautiful they think we are! It's so odd! But we feel this...

I struggled, with this list of mine, my whole life and it wasn't until I was confronted with my own boudoir photos that I realized- I didn't have anyone to 'not believe'... What, was I going to argue with a bunch of pictures? LOL

Beautiful artistic black and white noir style shot of a woman in lingerie against a brick wall

This is the magic with boudoir photography... helps show us this unbelievable side to each of us, to see ourselves in a whole new light.


What does "Boudoir" mean?

Well, the word "Boudoir" is French for "Bedroom"... so Boudoir Photography means Bedroom Photography...

... aka a very intimate and sensual style of photography. This is the point of Boudoir Photography, to capture the intimate and sensual side that you rarely let out.

Gorgeous boudoir shot of redhead woman in a red teddy and black lace slowly pulling her strap down

I have found that Boudoir Photography is often misunderstood, it gets confused with "p0rn" or "erotica"...

So, what IS the difference?

  • BOUDOIR Photography is the hint at something more naughty, it shows the artistic side of a woman's body and implies sexual behavior. It is titillating, but not graphically so.
  • EROTICA Photography is usually VERY graphic, showing most of a woman's body and not actually leaving anything to the imagination. Though erotica can also be very artistic, that is not usually the number one priority of erotica.

Though erotica photography is still not p0rn, in my opinion, it is definitely a step closer to it; whereas boudoir is meant to be heavily artistic and empower women to embrace their feminine side.


The photography style featuring intimate images of women known as "Boudoir"...

... has been around since photography was first invented and can be traced back as early as 1840!

By the early 1920s, boudoir photography was considered "disgraceful" and was even made illegal to possess or produce risque images!

Eventually, it was more commonly accepted, especially during the start of the "pin-up" era.

Women such as Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, and Sophia Loren have taken Boudoir to a new level which paved the way for Boudoir to become the mainstream sensation it is today.

Boudoir Photography is liberating, empowering woman to claim back their sexuality by helping them celebrate womanhood

As a boudoir photographer, I have carried on this tradition...

...I love to celebrate the female form and use boudoir as a source to empower women.

“Well behaved women seldom make history.”

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